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The Symbol of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

THE TRIANGLE – Representing the God Head, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, called the Holy Trinity, forms the equilateral triangle.
THE ECCLESIASTICAL COLOR – Sign of the mood of a church festival. Within recent years the interpretation of black has changed to encompass a texture the whole life – all colors blended, melted together – joy, sadness, struggle, faith, hope and finally life eternal.
THE RED CROSS – Is used with power, love, glory and honor as associated with our Lord’s passion, suffering and Christian zeal.
THE LATIN CROSS – Is one of the most accepted symbols of Christianity the world over. The plain cross empty symbolizes, "He is not here. He has risen victoriously."
"A" – The letter "A" (African) in black represents our African background
and suggests the cradle of civilization from whence comes all races, colors and creeds.
"M" – The letter "M" (Methodist) refers to the doctrine about God and Christ to which we adhere. It is in Green, the universal color of growth, progress and hope.
"E" – The letter "E" (Episcopal) means we are a church overseen by Church Fathers, called Bishops. Purple, so often worn by our Episcopacy denotes kingly authority in Godly judgment, the union of love and pain in humility.
"Z" – The letter "Z" (Zion) represents God’s holy hill. It stands for our branch of Methodism which is a separate entity from our sister Churches like: AME, CME, and ME. True to God, "true blue", it is symbolic of heaven and sincerity.
"V" – Widely used symbol of victory. The "V" represents a church born victoriously under the leadership of James Varick, our first Bishop.

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